Zoom Torino is a zoo designed following the philosophy that for some years has governed the creation of new wildlife parks, that is to offer an immersive experience in direct contact with animals, which are not housed in cages but in artificial contexts inspired by their natural habitats. .

The first immersive biopark in Italy: 160,000 square meters for over 84 animal species in 10 habitats that faithfully reproduce natural places in Africa and Asia, without nets or cages! Everything, from the architectural design to the choice of plants, is studied by the biologists and veterinarians of the park together with the landscape architects to guarantee the welfare of the animals, coming from other European zoological structures belonging to the EAZA, and to transport visitors on an unforgettable journey to the discovery of African and Asian nature.

2 incredible water areas of over 2,000 square meters each and large relaxation areas, for adventurous experiences or absolute rest while savoring the African atmospheres of Cape Town and Malawi.

Much more than a safari! No cars and no barriers, not even a window, separate you from nature. An adventurous journey on foot, between Asia and Africa, immersed in nature to discover the animals in their habitats and learn - while having fun - curiosity, peculiarities and problems of the species thanks to the many meetings with biologists. You will experience the thrill of finding yourself in Madagascar with lemurs, giant tortoises, pelicans and flamingos, in Asia with the Siamang gibbons family, different species of cranes, axis deer and majestic tigers, in the Amphitheater of Petra, where you will be kidnapped by the flight demonstrations of birds of prey, in the Farm of the Worlds, at Bolder Beach with the colony of South African penguins and in the Serengeti, for a unique experience in the heart of the savannah face to face with giraffes, zebras, hippos and many other species .
When you leave the park, we bet that you will have a different attitude towards environmental issues and that you too will become an ambassador of nature, seeing is believing!
Habitat with a high experiential rate to make you live unique experiences! Swim alongside African penguins at a popular African beach, see stingrays and tropical fish swimming near you, and dive into a lake to watch hippos as you are carried away by freshwater currents.

ZOOM is a new concept biopark, far from the old and now outdated idea of ​​a traditional zoo and aims to raise awareness and protect animals, conserve and defend endangered species, support research and deepen environmental issues. It is in places like ZOOM that the importance of biodiversity is understood and the culture that helps to guarantee it is created. The great goal of ZOOM: the conservation of the species!
The mission of the biopark is therefore to safeguard biodiversity, through ex situ research and training, conservation programs for endangered species and above all through the education of the visitor who, living the emotional experience of immersion in habitats as faithful as possible to those of origin, learn to know and respect them.
In the world there are more than 6000 zoos that every year host about 700 million visitors (10% of the world population), so we can understand the importance that today a zoological structure has on the theme of conservation, informing, educating and raising awareness on problems in nature and the protection of biodiversity.