Cercenasco is a small country town that extends into the Pinerolese plain, it is an agricultural center, home to small craft businesses.

Of a certain artistic value are the frescoes in the chapel of Sant'Anna and also the San Firmino's sanctuary is a very nice place to visit.

The municipal territory still hosts in the canals and waterways, even if increasingly rare, specimens of lamprey, also known as agnate, a fish that in the past gave prestige to the gastronomy of the area.

A typical dessert is the baciaja, which uses corn flour as a partial replacement for wheat flour. La Baciaja, which is a thin and crumbly wafer biscuit, is cooked on the fire, using a special pincer iron; it can be chocolate, lemon, hazelnut and gianduja.

The Cercenasco area is crossed by the Airasca-Villafranca cycle path (via delle Risorgive), which is very pleasant to travel on both by bicycle and by walking to take picnics or refreshment breaks at the various bars and restaurants in the towns.